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About the Course Using Virtual Peace

  • Policy Analysis for Development

    PUBPOL380 sections 01, 02, and 03 (3 credits)
    Public Policy Studies, Terry Sanford Institute of Pulbic Policy, Duke University
    Instructors: Natalia Mirovitskaya, Rosemary Fernholz

    The broad objectives of this seminar are: 1) to examine the role of policy analysis in solving important social problems; and 2) to develop the analytical and communication skills of participants in order to undertake effective policy analysis. This seminar examines the public policy objectives and the role of policy analysis in achieving these objectives, market and government failures, the role of the public and private sector, policy analysis tools (e.g. cost-benefit analysis, decision analysis, etc.), and policy implementation and evaluation. Emphasis is given to specific policy problems (e.g. social, environmental, health problems) based on the interests of the participants. This seminar relies on case studies, application of policy analysis tools, exercises, memos, policy critiques, and discussions with policy analysts. At the end of the semester participants should be able to understand policy issues and choices, why policies fail, how to use policy tools to reach decisions, and how to evaluate

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